JOY | Why Wine May Bring You More Happiness than Shopping

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February 24, 2014 by Erin C

red wine
Let’s be clear : I love both wine and shopping.

Now why would you have to choose you say?

Well, for someone with a limited budget… it sometimes comes to that and funny enough it did the other day. For the first time I was really forced to choose between the two and consequently, put me to the test.


I was running around the town in between bouts of real work because I had to get some things for my Mom’s 65th birthday party… wine, presents, decorations, etc.

What you need to know though is that my Mom may be turning 65 this year (yay Mom!) but she loves to have a good time. She’s also got a group of about 7 girlfriends of a similar age that are hysterical,  especially after a few bottles of wine (think… the Ya Ya Sisterhood and you’ll be close). My sister and I both know and love these ladies and always look forward to letting loose when the situation calls.

My Little Sis, Me and my Mama

My Little Sis, Me and my Mama

What you also need to know is that I’m a big shopper. I love clothes and fashion soooo much.. So, it’s clearly a big release for me. Today though, as I was running around I passes some stores that I normally love to shop at and I had to stop myself (a rare thing this).


I realized that I was worrying about the money I was spending on this one event … $100 for a present and the 4 bottles of wine I was bringing (another $100 at least) that probably wouldn’t even scratch the surface of what would be consumed ultimately. Plus dinner, etc.

Let’s say $250 all in.

What I realized is that until now, I wouldn’t have thought twice about dropping $250 on an impulse clothing purchase…. but somehow spending it on something that is:

a) going to be an amazing memory

b) full of laughs, family and friends and

c) something that would bring unending joy for my mother

… was too much money?

Shame on me.

Yes, wine and clothes are both THINGS but what buying the wine for this party really represents is me putting a priority on the experience over everything else for the first time.

I didn’t connect the dots until now but it’s the same as what I did for my recent birthday. Instead of asking for something I asked my Mom and sister to find tickets to a musical we had never seen.

As a result? We went out on the town, had a delicious dinner, tons of laughs and saw “West Side Story” (it was fabulous by the way).


It really was one of my most fun birthdays ever.

My take away from all this?

To make sure I have the life I want, one filled with joy and great memories, I need to prioritize experiences over things when it comes to spending.

Do you ever find you are spending money on things you don’t need? Tell me about it in the comments.



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