GETTING ORGANIZED | The Genius of Clear Storage


March 2, 2014 by Erin C

There’s a certain genius that comes with clear storage that really does make sense if you think about it.

a) you are containing mess and creating a framework for organization

b) you can see what it is that you’ve put away

Especially when it comes to toys I’ve realized that it’s all well and good to have things neatly stored and put away but if you don’t know what’s inside then your kids will never play with those things anyways! So what’s the point in storing it?

So here are my TOP 4 favourite ideas for getting organized with clear storage:

1. Clear Storage Bins for your Fridge
Organizing your fridge

Clear Storage Bins for Your Fridge

When it comes to your fridge there are usually 2 problems:

  1. Lots of small things to store like yogurt, drinks and other loose things
  2. Things get lost and pushed to the back of the fridge super easily

The issue with these things is that you end up losing track of the good things you have in your fridge and when they go bad – that’s money that you’ve wasted. So by using these genius clear stacking solutions, you can keep “like” things together and easily keep track of what you have. I’ve seen them at the dollar store but you can also find them at other locations.

Try: “Fridge Binz” at the Container Store

2. Clear Glass Containers for Your Bulk Pantry Items
Clear Storage for the Kitch

Pretty Glass Containers – For Bulk Items

I love this idea because it brings interest to your kitchen and you can easily where you are running low. It also means that you can get rid of (and possibly eliminate altogether) those ugly and wasteful cardboard boxes and packaging.

There are tons of beautiful options for low cost at places like Home Sense  and Target.

3. Clear Shoe Racks for Kids Art Supplies
Organizing kids crafts

Clear Door Hanging Shoe Rack – For Organizing Art Supplies

This is one I’ve got to work on. I thought I was organizing my kids stuff by throwing all of their art stuff into a plastic bin but no matter how often I organize it, if the kids get in there one time… it’s a disaster zone. Plus, I’m doing them a disservice because they can’t see what it is they are looking for. I’m essentially TELLING them to dig for what they need and destroy my bin in the process. So then there is this! Try getting a cheap clear storage rack (meant for shoes) and hand it on the back of your rec room or pantry door. It organizes all of the small things like crayons, stamps, glue and paint brushes and lets your kids easily point out what it is they want to use. Genius!

Try: “The Crystal Clear 24 Pocket Over-The-Door Vinyl Shoe Organizer” from Bed Bath & Beyond for $14.99

4. Organizing Your Junk Draw with Clear Spice Containers
Storage Ideas for small things

Organizing your Junk Drawer with Clear Spice Containers

This is a little genius too. EVERYONE has a junk drawer with tons of little crap floating around. Sure – you need all of it since you wouldn’t have kept it around if you didn’t right?

So try this – clear spice containers to store the little things. I love this idea for the office too. Paperclips, tokens, hair ties and barrettes, buttons… you name it.

Try: the “Droppar” spice jars at IKEA

Do you have any genius clear storage ideas?

Tell me all about them in the comments!



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