BEAUTY DUPE | Origin’s GinZing Eye Cream vs. Garnier Ultra-Lift Eye Roller

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March 5, 2014 by Erin C

the best budget anti-eye wrinkle creams

Since I’ve entered my 30s I’ve noticed that I’m starting to need anti-aging products more and more. I’ve always been pretty good with the sunscreen so I don’t have major issues but I can see some wrinkles creeping into the crows feet area for sure.

Of course, since I’m on a budget (as most mom’s are – gotta save those pennies) I’ve been trying to stick with the drug store brands. Until last year I was using all of the Olay Regenerist products and although I did like them and found they worked well, the price was still kind of mid-range and a bit up there for me (both the Regenerist Eye Roller is $23.99 usd and the Regenerist Intensive Wrinkle Treatment is $29.99 usd). I wondered if I could get the same results with a less expensive product.

Don’t we all wonder that?

That’s when I discovered the Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller

Budget Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

Garnier Ultra-Life Eye Roller ~$16.99 usd (prices may vary)

I’m not exaggerating when I say I was amazed by what this product can do. I mean, I’ve tried a lot of products and this product did such a great job of reducing my crows feet AND de-puffing my eyes that I couldn’t really believe it. That’s saying a lot too since I’m a mom of 2 small kids and RARELY see 2 hours of sleep in a row at night.

The product goes on cool and evenly because of the roller ball and blends seamlessly and quickly into the eye area so you can apply other products on top like serums, make up etc.

The best part? It’s only about $16.99 and often I can find it for less than that at my local drug stores when there is a sale.

So, interestingly, I got a box set of Sephora’s best sellers value box for Christmas this year (only available 1x a year I think) – THANKS MOM!

It was a box chock full of the top Sephora sellers such as Urban Decay Eye shadow, Anastasia Brow Gel, Flower Bomb Perfume Roller, amongst other things…. and also…. Origin’s GinZing Refreshing Eye Crème.

Top Selling Eye Creams

Origin’s GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream ~ $37 usd (prices may vary)

Now, I’m not saying that this cream doesn’t work (it does). It has a light fluffy and creamy texture with a hint of pink shimmer that blends well into the eye and does a great job making you look well rested and bright eyed. On the other hand, it’s $37 a pop and if I’m trying to squeeze all the fun out of life on a tight budget then I have a much better place I can put that $20 I can assure you.

So GinZing Cream… I love you but I have to leave you once my little pod is done. It’ll be back to my trust Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Aging Eye Roller for me because why not get the same results for less money.

Don’t mind if I do!!!

Are there any amazing drug store eye products that you swear by?

Tell me about them in the comments!


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