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March 5, 2014 by Erin C

Circus tent 2

Becoming a Circus Star

Ever dream of being part of a spectacular Cirque du Soleil show? Flying high in the sky and hanging from the ceiling?

Nope. Me neither.

That didn’t stop me though from being super intrigued at a couple of GROUPON opportunities available during the summer for our very own Vancouver Circus School. It’s just bizarre but…interesting right? I always think…how the heck does someone become a circus performer?

Turns out it’s not so complicated. Even YOU could become one…in your spare time! How convenient!

So I bit – the 90 minutes Intro to Circus Performing class at the Vancouver Circus School.

Are you going to see pictures of me hanging from the ceiling? Heck no. Beginners do not look pretty…

But I’ve got to tell you that it was a fantastic time and hilarious good fun.

For $30 per person/90 min class (we got it at the 2 for 1 rate – so only $15 each) we got to explore trampoline flips, the Aerial Silks and all kinds of juggling.

At that rate, why not?

Circus classes, aerial silks

Vancouver Circus School – Aerial Silks Class [Image Credit:]

The Verdict


The Silks were the easiest to learn but hard on the body. I couldn’t grasp the trampoline flips but I had a bit of a knack for the juggling, spinning plates and flower sticks.

All in all a super interesting and fun new experience. I highly recommend it!

Try starting with the intro class and then move on to more specialized class series in trapeze, aerial hoop, unicycle or even acro-balancing!

There are 4 locations in the Lower Mainland, BC area (New West, Abbotsford, North Vancouver and Whistler) so you’re sure to find one near you if you’re close to Vancouver but if you aren’t, check around – you might be surprised to find out there’s one near you too!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Have you ever tried circus performing before? What did you like best?

Tell me about it in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “New Experiences | Circus School

  1. christa says:

    There is one at the River Market in New Westminster. I have been dying to try it, but I assumed that the silks would be hard and I would probably sprain my ankle on the trample 😉


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