New Experiences| 4 Weeks to Your First 10km Race

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March 7, 2014 by Erin C

how to train for a 10km race

I’ve been a soccer player for about 30 years now (give or take) but when I suffered a terrible accident on the field shattering my lower leg and ankle at 90 degrees I knew I had a long road back. [BRACE YOURSELF… it’s NOT pretty]:

Broken Tibia/Fibula and ankle bones - Post Surgery #1

Broken Tibia/Fibula and ankle bones – Post Surgery #1

It was then that training for my first 10km race might be the perfect motivation to get running. Not right away of course. It the break took place in Dec 2008 and after 2 surgeries I was ready to start training for a race in 2011.  I felt like if I could run a whole 10km without stopping (about 1 hour for me) I would know that I was back.

So I decided to run the Vancouver Sun Run in 2011.

Not going to lie… I’ve never been a long distance runner anyways. More of a sprinter I’d say. So the first few training sessions were tough but once you get past 30 minutes it’s really about getting in the zone. It’s actually quite spiritual and relaxing funny enough.

I’m going to say it took me about 8 weeks to train since I was at a disadvantage health-wise but generally you can build up your endurance to run a whole 10 km in about 4 weeks running 3x a week.

It may sound like a lot but I’m going to tell you though that NOTHING felt more rewarding and overwhelming than crossing that finish line. Pretty sure I shed a tear or two.

The best $45 I’ve spend I’d say.

Women running a race

Me (in the pink with brown hair) in the last 1km of my 10 km race – looking strong!

Now if you want to chill out in your free time… that’s cool. I respect that.

But if you want to try something new, feel EXHILERATED or just plain proud of yourself then you need to run your first 10km race.

No pressure 🙂

THIS  is how you get started:

SELF MAGAZINE -Simple 10km Training Plan




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