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About this Blog

I first started blogging in 2010 on the blog Work Wear Style. I had recently become a mother for the first time and was struggling to find my style as a working professional. It became a fun outlet for my wardrobe experiments and I soon realized that there were many new moms struggling with the same things:

  • finding stylish clothes that are good quality for a great price
  • finding new ways to wear the things you already have
  • finding the time and money to spend on yourself


One of the hardest things I’ve found as a mom is to find balance in a hectic life where there never seems enough time or money for everything and you’re always being asked for something by somebody.

That’s when I decided to start Pennies to Polka Dots.

I realized that building a fun wardrobe is one way of holding onto who you are as an individual when it’s so easy to get lost in just being a wife, mother, sister, worker, or grandmother. However, it made me curious about other things that help keep women stay in touch with who I they are now and explore how they might want their life to look and feel in the future.

That’s why in this blog you’ll find all the very best tips and ideas for the things that will inspire you to create the life you want… all in the same place:

  • Fitting in health and fitness into your busy schedule
  • Organizing your wardrobe, beauty supplies and home
  • Career advice and inspiration
  • Easy outfit ideas & style tips
  • Great reads
  • Amazing places to travel
  • and… Staying Money Smart (so you can afford to do the things that bring you joy)

I hope you love it!

About Me

Blonde Pixie cut

I’m Erin. A 30 something Mom living in Vancouver, Canada. I love all things beautiful and chic. Hopelessly addicted to my hilarious kids, musicals, Bette Midler movies, and coffee. Most days you’ll find me either reading a delicious book,  smashing back a lumberjack breakfast, attempting some random mixed media art project or enjoying a quick run outside.

I work full-time as an Adult Education Consultant and Curriculum/Online learning/Web Content Designer for a Non-Profit Organization.


Interested in getting in touch?


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Blonde short pixie in black and white

So glad you made it. I'm Erin. I've got 2 kids, student loans and a shopping habit. Luckily I've also got a knack for finding great deals and a passion for making sure moms take care of themselves too. I hope you love my blog!

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